Into Mara Canyon

The trail into Mara Canyon changes every year.   The narrow canyon is an erosion channel and the snowmelt and summer thundershowers change the route each season.   The trail starts in the sagebrush, then climbs over some rocky hills before the sharp turn which takes us down to the streambed at the bottom of the canyon.

IMG_8846rHikers should take the time to view some of the prominent rock features on both sides of the canyon.   Basaltic Columns tipped on their side stands just above the drop-off near the start.

IMG_8848rSometimes this trail is called “The Hoodoos” since a number can be spotted along the route.

IMG_8854rOn this spring day, saskatoons were in bloom.   Larkspur and old man’s whiskers (geum) were emerging on the dry sunny slopes

IMG_8863r IMG_8876r
IMG_8872r IMG_8850r


As the gully widens higher up the mountain, a number of orange slopes (Cinnamon Ridge) with carved rock flanks the west ridge.

IMG_8868brI have done this hike every year for decades (twice this year already), but never get tired of it.   We often do different loops to mix it up or we scramble up various sidehills.   On this day in April, we came down the East Ridge Trail which is an easier route, but a slippery one.   The distance is not long (about 5km), but it takes about 2 hours since the going is slow.   This is deservedly one of the best hikes in the Kamloops area.


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