Bolean Lake

After paddling Pillar Lake in the morning, we drove up into the Fly Hills to paddle Bolean Lake.   From Falkland, drive south and turn left onto Silvernail Road.   Not far up the sidehill, turn left onto (signed) Bolean Forest Service Road and climb the narrow, steep road for 9.5 km.   Once onto the Fly Hills Plateau the road levels out.   At a signed side road for the Bolean Lake Lodge, turn left.   Pass the Lodge and continue along a rough road to the Bolean Lake Recreation Site.   There is a good hand launch site there.

Bolean LakeBolean Lake is surrounded by uplands damp forest.   The paddle around the shoreline is about 4.2 km.

IMG_6623r IMG_6624r


There were storm clouds all around and some lightning was flashing to both the east and west, but the paddle around the lake was otherwise quiet.   A blue heron stood in the shallows, a loon was diving in the lake, and an osprey cruised over the lake looking for fish.

IMG_6628rA short distance away are Arthur Lake and Spa Lakes, locations for future paddling explorations.