Monck Park Trails

Monck Provincial Park lies on the western shores of Nicola Lake.   From the campground area, trails go along the lakeshore and up onto the rocky hill above the road.

monck trailViews over the lake are found at many points along the trails.

There is one short spur tail that goes from the campground out to the bluffs on the south side.   Signs warm about poison ivy and it was indeed in abundance along the trail.   All junctions have good signage.

IMG_0357r IMG_0362r


There is another informal trail down the bluffs from the high point on the road south of the Park and hikers can scramble down to check out Nicola Cave.

The upper trails cross a rocky slope, but we liked the way the route winds around boulders and gullies.  Nicola Lake is a scenic setting and the trails offer great views across the grasslands east of the lake.   Monck Park is a fine spot for camping, hiking, and paddling.