The Hills Above Rivershore

The whole range of hills from Lafarge to Lions Head above Shuswap Road are rocky, steep, and seldom-visited.   The steep slopes from the valley floor have no trails or tracks.   The route in from the north is a long and complicated one.   Private property lines the foot of the hills and fringes the northwest and eastern sides.   In this hiking day, I went straight up into the hills above Rivershore.

above-rivershore2 above-rivershore


This approach is relentlessly steep, climbing 1500+ feet in one kilometer.   The going was slow indeed, but there were a few distractions along the way – cactus, poison ivy, bald eagles, bighorn sheep, a mama bear and two cubs, a kangaroo rat, a pine snake, scats from coyotes, bears, sheep, and deer, woodpeckers, a few late-flowering plants,


poison ivy


bighorn sheep


white columbine seedheads


mama bear and cubs feeling the scene

a jet flying over the hills above

a jet flying over the hills above


the steep slopes above Rivershore


rabbit brush in bloom

a it of fall color on the dry south-facing slopes

a it of fall color on the dry south-facing slopes


Once I was at 825 m (2700 feet), there were some gentler slopes among rocky bluffs.   The highest point is at 1100 m (3610 feet), only 800 m above.

img_0929rFrom the edge of the hill, views to the southeast included Martin Mountain and the Monte Hills.   Directly below was Rivershore.

img_0933rTo the southwest is the Lafarge Bridge area.

img_0927rAlthough the hills above called for more exploration, that will come on another outing from the north side so I worked by way down the steep slopes one careful step at a time.

img_0918rThe hills above Rivershore await another day of exploration, planned for next year.