Kamloops Trails is a not-for-profit (and ad free) website which offers some information on trails, waterways, routes, featured spots, viewpoints, and explorations in the outdoors in the area (and beyond).  It focuses on hikes, paddles, and routes to explore on foot or by canoe/kayak, but many routes can also be explored on mountain bikes, so some backroad/sideroad routes are also now included.  Every route listed has been personally explored.   The site is not on any way meant to be a definitive guide to trails and routes in the area.   It is really a blog, a journal of explorations over many years and so each article reflects the conditions, routes, access, and specific information of the time of writing.   Over time, things change so note the date of the article and check for a newer one.   Older articles are not rewritten, although a note may be added if something is brought to my intention.

We rarely use the Odometer to mark our route, but a GPSr is often used and so coordinates are sometimes provided where they can be of help.   Maps and photos are provided where they are available or can be created. Posts are arranged in order of their writing and usually follow that particular exploration so the best way to find information is to enter some words into the Search Bar (at the upper right).   Additional short articles can be found in the Rambles (right side widget), which feature plants, animals, and naturalist topics related to what was seen along the trails and waterways. All rights are reserved for the material.   Please do not distribute without permission.  See you on the trails.


Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.

John Muir


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  1. Wonderful, wonderful photographs.
    I'd have wanted to know about you when I lived in Kitwanga and Terrace area 1993-1997? I'd have loved to go on your hikesback  then. Now my old arthritic bones need slow & short hikes (1-2 hrs only) around Kamloops. Do you have suggestions?

    • There are lots of good routes. Try Hanging Valley behind Lac du Bois, the Adams River trails, the Rivers Trail starting at the airport (on the river), the trails going from Barnhartvale towards Juniper, Scott Road off Rose Hill Road, and even some of the Inks Lakes routes (although these may be icy right now).

  2. Doug, Just wanted to say what a great website / blog this is. Thanks for doing it.
    Bonnie Pryce

  3. Absolutely mind-biggling resource. Thanks for the work you put into this. I’m a newcomer to Kamloops and this is providing me with all kinds of useful information. So far I’ve done Stake Lake, Lac Le Jeune, the mountain south of Chase, and Dufferin.

    One suggestion that I think would be really helpful. Is there a way for you to have one or two subpages with “25 Hikes close to Kamloops” and/or “25 Moderate Hikes”? Something like what you provided for Christina on this same page, but with even more options? I’ve tried going through your site for this kind of info myself, but as you have a lot of experience, many of your pages on this site have many difficult and more remote hikes. Something like a “casual hikers guide” would be awesome, as I suspect many people would like a resource like that – and over time could build the confidence to tackle some of your more advanced hikes.

    I see you use WordPress, so two small subpages that list something like that should only take 15 minutes, I think. (You could even just name the hikes and link to your already existing pages.)

    I know it’s a lot for a stranger to ask, but it would be awesome!

    The only difficulty I have with this site is locating hikes I can tackle! =)