February 18, 2018

New Paddlers Website

Thompson Rivers Interior Paddling Society (TRIPS) has been around for a number of years and has organized group paddling (canoeing,...
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February 10, 2018

Thompson Valley Panoramas

A new gallery is not available on the photoblog On The Trails: Thompson Valley Panoramas
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February 5, 2018

Paddling Reflections

A collection of images taken while kayaking can now be seen at this link: On the Trails - Paddling Reflections...
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January 29, 2018

Twisted Snags

A Gallery of twisted snags from the hills around the Kamloops area can be found on the On the Trails...
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January 21, 2018

More River Access

A small group of paddlers is working to get more access to our rivers for paddling.   Keiran Rankin has spoken...
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January 19, 2018

Wind-Shaped Trees

A gallery of photos of trees shaped by the wind can now be found on the Photoblog Site On the...
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January 12, 2018

Winter Beaches

A gallery of photographic images titled "Winter Beaches" is available on the website On the Trails.   Here is a link:...
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December 17, 2017

Snowshoeing Map

The Kamloops Trails Snowsheoing Routes Google Map has been updated and some photos added.   Links are provided to an article...
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December 4, 2017

On the Trails Photoblog

A photoblog site is now associated with KamloopsTrails.net.   The first photo gallery can now be seen at this site: On...
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November 27, 2017

Guest Article by Jason Lewis

Jason Lewis of Strongwell.org has written an article entitled How Self-Discipline Can Help You End Those Bad Habits.   We provide...
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November 19, 2017

Petrified Wood on the Volcano

While hiking around some cinder cones at 9500 feet, we followed the rim of a crater and came upon a...
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November 15, 2017

A’a and Pahoehoe

Hiking on the Big Island of Hawaii may require crossing lava flows for extended parts of a trek.   On the...
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November 9, 2017

Puako National Park

A 1.4 mile out-and-back hike into Puako National Park to see the petroglyphs:   A grounding experience...
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November 5, 2017

Shoulder Season Snow

Nov. 5: The lower trails can still be hiked but traction devices are a good idea. The upper trails have...
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October 23, 2017


We do a lot of hiking, snowshoeing, and paddling with the Kamloops Hiking Club so we will include their newsletter...
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October 19, 2017

New Explorations

Although we return to some of the same haunts year-to-year, we try to get to new areas every season for...
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October 14, 2017

The Allure of Mt. Waddington

Andrew Findlay grew up in Kamloops but now lives in Courtenay.   His is an award-winning journalist and photographer.    A number...
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October 9, 2017


We have spotted ptarmigans on top of several of the Coquihalla Summit peaks.   On a hike to the top of...
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October 6, 2017

On the Rivers

Now that the busy time on the rivers is over, I have returned to paddle both rivers.   On these days...
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October 2, 2017

Snakes and Beavers

This year we have seen some wildlife activity on the Tranquille River Trail.  From the gate, walk 0.4 km up...
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September 29, 2017

This Last Week’s Outings

Now that I am mostly recovered, I am getting out more now and tackling bigger challenges.   Many of the recent...
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September 19, 2017

Big Cats

I was fortunate to spot 3 cougars in the forest at the west end of Harper Lake. Taken from my...
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September 13, 2017

McArthur Island Boat Launch

The river has receded so it is just possible to get a kayak out through the channel now, but in...
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September 7, 2017

Toxic Algae Bloom

At times during the summer a toxic algae bloom can occur on area lakes.   Some cattle are killed and it...
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September 5, 2017

Smoke-Free at the Coquihalla Summit

There are a number of hikes in the Coquihalla Summit area that can be done in summer-of-smoke.     On 3 consecutive...
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September 1, 2017

Rec Sites and Trails

http://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/sports-recreation-arts-and-culture/outdoor-recreation/camping-and-hiking/rec-sites-and-trails/2017tran0227-001507.pdf Area Rec Sites and Trails are closed on a voluntary basis this Lavour Day weekend.   See the bulletin (link)...
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August 29, 2017

On Hosli Lake

An exploration into the hills between Roche Lake and Scuitto Lake today to remote Hosli Lake.   The final section is...
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August 27, 2017

Pacific Spirit North

A few decades ago, I hiked the trails of what is now Pacific Spirit Park regularly, there was rarely anyone...
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August 19, 2017

Coquihalla Summit

The hikes in the Coquihalla Summit Area have had a number of smoke-free days in the last week.   We can...
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August 10, 2017

Kamloops Paddling Map

See this Google Map for information on paddling spots in the Kamloops area - Kamloops Paddling Map    
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August 4, 2017

Webcams Above the Smoke

The high pressure zone is keeping the smoke in the valleys and so we can drive to higher elevations to...
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August 1, 2017

Guest Article from Jason Lewis

A submission from Jason Lewis (Strongwell.org) - How to Protect Yourself from Major Exercising Dangers Our thanks to Jason...  ...
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July 21, 2017

Above the Smoke

When a high pressure zone sits over the Interior of the Province, smoke is forced into the river valleys.   If...
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July 11, 2017

Health Alert

Please be careful with hiking in the Kamloops area since the air quality conditions are rated as High Risk.   Check...
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July 7, 2017

Hot Choices

In the summer heat, we have to choose outings wisely: early starts mean that the uphill part of the hike...
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July 2, 2017

Mariposa Time

The sagebrush mariposa lily is now blooming in the lower elevation hills near Kamloops.
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June 29, 2017

Shorter Hikes

With a recent medical setback, there will be shift from longer, more adventurous hikes and paddles to shorter,  more moderate...
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June 19, 2017

Six Mile – Tobiano Silt Cliffs

We hiked from Six Mile Viewpoint down the ridges to a benchland and then through silt bluffs and hoodoos in...
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June 18, 2017

Canada 150 with KHC

Kamloops Hiking Club organized a series of groups to all hike to the summit of Mara Mountain for a Canada...
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June 15, 2017

Cariboo Paddling

We took a week and paddled lakes in the Cariboo - Big Bar Lake (twice), White Lake, Lac la Hache...
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June 4, 2017


At this time, all of the content on www.kamloopskayak.com has been transferred to www.kamloopstrails.net, but not yet visible to the...
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June 2, 2017

June Ahead

As things warm up on the trails watch for the following changes: mosquitoes are out in the middle elevations now...
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May 30, 2017

Downriver to Tranquille Bay

Today I paddled from Pioneer Park down the Thompson River to Tranquille Bay, a leisurely kayak outing which included exploration...
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May 27, 2017

Paddling the Floodlands

The rivers have risen enough to completely flood the areas near Tranquille, allowing for an easy launch and hours of...
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May 23, 2017


Each spring we try to paddle downriver using 2 vehicles to shuttle our kayaks. On the South Thompson river we...
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May 19, 2017

Edith Lake by SUP

Today I took the standup paddleboard to Edith Lake and went around the shoreline, including all the back bays.   Excellent...
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May 17, 2017

Exploring Wheeler

We started in Pruden Pass and climbed the southeastern slopes of Wheeler Mountain to the top.  From the summit we...
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May 16, 2017

Paul Lake

The advantage in paddling the larger lakes in the early season is that there is no one around.    The weather...
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May 9, 2017

Goblin Valley

We hiked all the defined trails in Goblin Valley State Park and explored a canyon nearby.   This is very interesting...
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May 8, 2017

Ding and Dang

We spent a whole day canyoneering by going up Ding Slot Canyon then traversing past Ding Dang Dome and descended...
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May 7, 2017

Little Wild Horse Canyon

The premier hike of 2017 was a hike up Little Wild Horse Slot Canyon, then a traverse in the San...
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May 6, 2017

Horseshoe Canyon

We drove out into a remote area of the San Rafael Desert and followed backroads to the brink of Horseshoe...
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May 4, 2017

Courthouse Wash

A longer hike up and back a longer canyon on a hot day.   A canyon full of life in the...
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May 3, 2017

Island in the Sky Reprise

We returned to Island in the Sky, Canyonlands National Park and did two hikes - Grandview and Aztec Butte.    Shorter...
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May 2, 2017

Sand Flats Hills

We went up to Sand Flats State Park and struck off past the 4x4 and bike trails into the steep...
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May 1, 2017

Jeep Arch Loop

A hike up from Culvert Canyon to the Gold Rim and over to Jeep Arch and a loop back.  Another...
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April 30, 2017

Hunter Canyon

On a warm and sunny day we ventured up the Kane Creek Canyon to a trailhead into Hunter Canyon.   A...
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April 29, 2017

Druid Arch

I have been saying that the Needles District of Canyonlands is the best hiking area anywhere and today we hiked...
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April 28, 2017

Amasa Back

Today's hike was on mountain bike trails overlooking the Colorado River.   The 11 mile loop climbed to the top of...
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April 27, 2017

Corona Arch

A shorter hiking day to Corona Arch, a drive down the Colorado River from Moab.      Another beautiful spot.
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April 26, 2017

Fiery Furnace

A second time through the maze of canyons, fins, ramps, spires, ledges, buttes, gullies, and cliffs in Arches National Park.  ...
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April 25, 2017

Fisher Towers Trail

On a day with some weather moving through the area, we hiked the Fisher Towers Trail.   With some extra exploration...
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April 24, 2017

Devils Garden

Today was a day of hiking in Arches National Park.   An 8+ mile loop past many arches on the longest...
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April 22, 2017

Island in the Sky

Utah Hiking - Day 2 We drove down to Mineral Bottom on the Green River to explore this remote area...
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April 21, 2017

Hidden Valley, Moab

We arrived late into Moab and decided to hike the Hidden Valley Trail, a 5 mile hike into the hills.   ...
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April 16, 2017

Trails Report

A quick summary of conditions on local trails.    If you have additional updates, please comment. Lower Trails all clear and...
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April 14, 2017

In Touch, from Afar

Articles are saved and scheduled to be published all the way until Victoria Day while we travel to new hiking...
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April 11, 2017


I have seen many cornices over decades of going to the tops of mountains and I am always watching for...
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April 10, 2017

Valleyview Boat Launch

The Valleview Boat Launch is closed while the City reinforces the bank for the 3 homes to the east of...
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March 31, 2017

Early Spring Signs

The buttercups come out first, but when we spot the first spring beauties, w know spring is here:
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March 28, 2017

Logging the Wells Gray Corridor

The push to log the upper areas of First to Third Creeks on the west side of Trophy Mountain continues.  ...
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March 23, 2017


In the widget on the right (Upcoming Posts), completed articles ready for publication are listed.   The articles come out every...
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March 19, 2017

Batch Clean-Up

See the link on the Kamloops 4x4 Facebook Group - Event May 9 - 9:30 to 2:30 details on the...
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March 18, 2017

Plant ID

We have been trying to identify this plant (found in the grasslands) but have been unable to do so yet.  ...
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March 15, 2017

Batchelor Hills

We hiked the 8.7 km Upper Barren Hills hike today and we found lots of good hiking with some dryish...
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March 12, 2017

Grading Our Hiking Trails

We are often asked about the "best" hiking trails of our area and we are happy to recommend trails, but...
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March 9, 2017

Kamloops Multi-Use Trails

Tourism Kamloops in association with the Kamloops Bike Riders Association has produced a Multi-Use Trails Guide with 200 km of...
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March 7, 2017

Red Rocks Canyon – Day 3

For the 9th consecutive day of hiking I chose to hike to the top of Turtlehead Peak.    The return hike...
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March 7, 2017

Red Rocks Canyon – Day 2

We hiked up the Calico Tanks Trail, a very nice route.   From the upper tank, I scrambled (with some free...
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March 6, 2017

Red Rock Canyon – Day One

We entered the south end of the National Monument and drove the Scenic Loop.   We chose the Keystone Thrust Trail...
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March 5, 2017

Death Valley – Day 6

We hiked up Mosaic Canyon and some of the side canyons up and back on another warm day.   On our...
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March 4, 2017

Death Valley – Day 5

We were fortunate to meet-up with Jackie who wanted to go on a longish hike up Funeral Canyon to the...
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March 4, 2017

Death Valley – Day 4

We hiked over the hills to the top of Sidewinder Canyon then descended on a scramble route to the top...
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March 3, 2017

Death Valley – Day 3

We drove to the top of Dante's View and hiked over to Dante's Peak.   From there I traversed for 3.5...
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March 1, 2017

Death Valley – Day 2

All of the distances in going to Death Valley trailheads are long ones, especially from Pahrump.    We drove north to...
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February 28, 2017

Death Valley Day 1

We hiked the Golden Canyon - Gower Gulch loop on Monday, an 8km trail in the badlands near Zabriskie Point.  ...
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February 26, 2017

Explore’s 25 Incredible Hiking Trails

Explore Magazine has a free ebook available at this article/link - 25 Incredible Trails in BC.   The noteworthy trails in...
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February 24, 2017

Arctic Crossing

Arctic Crossing is a travel/adventure book written by Jonathan Waterman.   It is an account of a 2200 mile journey by...
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February 21, 2017

New to Us, in 2017

We return to many of the same hikes, paddles, bike routes, and snowshoe routes each year, though we do change...
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February 18, 2017

Transition Time

As the snows melt in late February, we can start our hiking season, keeping in mind which areas dry out...
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February 14, 2017

Snowshoeing Update

Snowshoeing is still fine at higher elevations but lower slopes are now icy in the morning and slushy in the...
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February 12, 2017

Countdown to the First Launch on the River

In the last few years we have been able to get the kayak onto the South Thompson River in February.  ...
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February 10, 2017

February Beach Hikes

As the weather warms the lower trails go soft then icy.   Mud follows.   The upper trails will be snowed in...
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February 9, 2017

Logging Trophy Mountain

The Ministry of Forests has issued Canfor a license to log the lower slopes of Trophy Mountain.   The group that...
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February 7, 2017

February Schedule of Posts

Mostly local snowshoeing into March. Feb. 15 - Long Lake Snowshoe Feb. 17 - Anderson Creek Loop Feb. 19 -...
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February 6, 2017

Snowshoeing in Kamloops (Tourism Kamloops)

A blog post summarizing snowshoeing in the Kamloops are can be viewed at this link - Tourism Kamloops Blog.  Thanks...
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February 5, 2017

Planned Outings

Looking ahead, these are some of the outings planned, although the weather, family demands, and serendipity often changes out plans:...
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