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Dunn Peak Route — 4 Comments

  1. Hello Doug.

    I would love to get a little more info on accessing the Dunn Peak hike.  I am familiar with North Barriere Lake very well and know the turn off up Harper Creek Road.
    Do you think a 2wd Ford Ranger would be OK to make the journey up to the access point?
    On a personal note, I know your son Nick quite well, he mentioned you were behind this site while we were getting skunked fishing recently at Red Lake.
    All the best,
    Joel Desaulniers

    • The last 2 km is rough, but 2WD vehicles make it in in dry conditions by going very slowly. Some people prefer to park and walk the last 2km. My advice is to visit this hike in the late season to avoid wet feet and heavy mosquitoes.

  2. Hello I was wondering if you been up in that area recenty? I heard wind that the area had really grown up over the years. And am wondering if it is even still accessible?

    • Its been a couple of years but I suspect the wildfires of the area will make it difficult or impossible to get there in 2017.

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