When there is lots of snow, we can snowshoe anywhere, but hikers prefer to snowshoe on some terrain so we look for better spots.   To do this, we have to climb to over 3000 feet altitude (the City is at 1100 feet).   We also need a drivable road and a place to park so the natural choices in our area include routes off the Lac le Jeune Road, the Lac du Bois Road, and the Sun Peaks Road.  A map of the trailheads is included here:


There are 3 types of snowshoeing in the area:

  • Trail snowshoeing – established trails with parking, trail signs, etc. and some charge a fee
  • Off-trail snowshoeing – routes, not trails, though many follow snowed-in backroads, tracks, and unsigned trails
  • Alpine snowshoeing – advanced routes for experienced backcountry snowshoers using specialized equipment


On the Google map, all of the icons with the blue snow symbol have an article published on this website.   Use the name of the trail/route to search for the story and information.   There are 140 On the Snow articles on the website at this time. We can usually snowshoe from mid-December through the start of March, then the snow consolidates so we can either go higher or start hiking at the lower altitudes.

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Clay Lake 029c


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