We kayak the lakes and rivers of the Interior and get to the ocean or to the Rockies now and then.   We have 18+ foot kayaks with high capacity storage areas for kayak camping.   They are bit cumbersome to store, transport, and launch, but while we can get them into the water from March to November.

We try to get to a paddling destination several times a year, but weather is always the central issue.   We can paddle in strong winds, but we usually choose to hike those days.    Sometimes the winds come up while we are out there, offering a challenge, and sometimes a risk.   Paddling the larger lakes and the ocean requires experience and planning.


We always paddle with a PFD, paddle float, towrope, and a few other items.   We have practiced our self-rescue and assisted-rescue techniques.   We wear a wet suit in cold water and we hope to buy dry suits too.   If you paddle the routes listed on this site, please follow all the required safety measures.


See you on the water,

Jasper 010b

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