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Various side roads off Highway 5A south yield some interesting spots.   The road up to Peter Hope Lake climbs the grasslands hills into the forest just south of Stump Lake.   The road is a good one.   There is a BCFS campsite on the north side of the lake.   Along the way is a small side road heading north.   There was an old mining operation there and pieces of old machinery still dot the hillside.   There is also an interesting geocache there called Diamond in the Rough.    The road beyond goes high onto the plateau and in theory a loop can be made down to Glimpse Lake, as is marked on the map, but this road is very rough and the route is not clear at all.

A better destination is to hike up to Diamond in the Rough to see the mining area, do the geocache, then climb the hill to Peter Hope Lake.   There are some routes to hike on the hill to the west side of the lake (see the map).   On a hot day, take a dunk in the lake at the campsite.   Return by the same route.

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