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  1. Do you know anybody who has actually done the Masters Sub Alpine Trek? There is almost no information about it online. The only place I can find anything is in the Backroads Mapbook and it just gives a rough outline of the trek, estimating it at 4 days in length.

    • Its a trail that used to be hiked, but decades of trees falling, logging activity, and overgrowth have made it mostly undoable, unless you have great route-finding skills and don’t mind working your way around endless windfall. The pine beetle kill basically made the route impassable. I have talked to someone who did it, but they can’t recommend it unless some trail maintenance occurs. I have personally done 3 legs of the trail and would not attempt it without someone telling me it had been cleared, especially in bug season when progress would be slow.

  2. yes, Richard Youds. A former teacher of mine wrote a book about the whole area. Would love to see the Masters trek adopted by an outdoor club. It would be a real attraction with a proper trail…

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