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  1. I don’t know where or who to ask this question.I am wheelchair bound always enjoyed camping hiking outdoors but find accessible routes very hard to find.
    Does anyone know of places my husband and I as well as others in wheelchairs can again enjoy what everyone else can once again.
    Any road trails.or trails with fairly good trails without steps tree roots I would be so great full. Next time your hiking check if your trail may work. It would be nice to post accessible trails around kamloops
    Wendy follweiter-labrie

    • I will keep that in mind, Wendy. One trail that will work for you is at Isobel Lake where some of the local organizations have been building a low mobility trail. It is not complete all the way around the lake yet (because of the cost)but it still has some good sections for an out and back outing.

      • Thank you we have been up to Isabella lake just went to the camp shelter with our grandkids. Will have to go back try the other side thanks keep us in mind. I always get asked this question by others that just have no mobility use in their legs and used to be very outdoor people.
        Wendy labrie

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