There are hundreds of posts about hiking routes on this site.   They were mostly written soon after doing the route.      Back in 2010, the articles were shorter and there was less integration with Google Earth, GPS, maps, and recent photos.   By 2013, the posts are full of photos, maps and Google Earth routes.

For some hikes, I do them every year so there may be 3-4 versions of the same hike, but I have tried to vary the information each time.

Some of these are routes, not hikes in the traditional sense.   In the Kamloops area, we are blessed with a great deal of terrain to explore, but very few “official” hikes.   For information on local hikes, go to the companion website (until spring, 2020):



For those new to hiking or visiting Kamloops, the following trails are recommended:

Trail Area Difficulty Terrain Link
Battle Bluff Dewdrop Range (west) moderate with one longer hill each way a good trail over hills and up a bluff Battle Bluff
Gibraltar Rock Paul Lake (northeast) moderate with one longer hill a good trail to a great viewpoint Gibraltar Rock
Peterson Creek Peterson Creek Park  (City) many trails above the gorge good trails of all types Peterson Creek
Kenna Cartwright KC Park (City) trails of all types good trails in hilly terrain Kenna Cartwright
Valleyview Nature Trails Valleyview Nature Park (City( moderate trails in the grasslands good trails in the silt cliffs Valleyview
Lac du Bois Grasslands Provincial Park (north) many trails grasslands hills with multi-purpose trails Lac du Bois
Dallas – Barnhartvale Trails  (City -east) many trails grassland and forest slopes Barnhartvale
Dewdrop Trail  (Dewdrop Range = northwest)  single track with lots of elevation change climb the escarpment Dewdrop
Stake Lake Trails  (forested plateau – southeast) many forested wide trails rolling trails Stake Lake
Pineview Trails southwest hills many forested trails on the slopes multi-purpose trails Pineview
Mara Canyon northwest canyon more challenging canyons and ridges Mara Canyon
Isobel Lake north of town on backroads easy falt lake loop Isobel



A Google Map of hiking trails in the Kamloops area is also provided (updated each winter):


From Kamloops, we can hike many trails and routes within two hours drive.   Many of these are catalogued on this map (updated each winter):



There are over 50 videos on You Tube:



We have hiked trails, scrambled up peaks and backcountry skied the National Mountain Parks of Canada for decades, mostly before this website was created.   Some are included as articles and links are provided on this Google map:



We have hiked on the Island of Kauai many times for 22 years.   Some hikes on Maui and the Big Island are also included:



We try to get down to the Southwest to hike in Utah and Arizona each year.   Some of the best hiking in the world is found in the National Parks, National Monuments, National Forests, State Parks, and BLM Lands.   Quite a few articles are found on this website and a Google Map is provided as an overview (with many links):



A few hikes in New Zealand, Washington State and other areas are also found on the website.  Explorations continue so more hikes will be added over time.   Thanks for visiting our website.


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